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Best Herbal Remedy For Pimples

Best Herbal Remedy For Pimples




Best Herbal Remedy For Pimples

Pimples are small, inflamed bumps that appear on the skin. They’re caused by an infection of the sebaceous glands (oil glands), which produce and secrete oil to keep skin smooth and soft. Pimples are often yellow, white or greenish in color.

In most cases, pimples are caused by a buildup of oil in the sebaceous glands. This can happen when you have too much oil in your skin cells or when you have dry skin and don’t sweat enough to keep your body from producing excess oils.

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Some people may also get acne if their body produces too much oil because they’re taking certain medications or have an underlying medical condition such as eczema or psoriasis.

Best Herbal Remedy For Pimples

Causes of pimples

There are many causes of pimples, but some are more common than others. Some of the most common causes of pimples include:

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Hormonal changes. The hormones estrogen and testosterone are responsible for regulating your skin’s oil production, which can result in a buildup of oil on your face or body. These hormonal changes can cause your skin to become more oily and prone to breakouts.

Environmental factors. Exposure to sun, heat and pollution can all contribute to acne breakouts. These environmental irritants can lead to blocked pores, which can trigger an underlying infection that spreads throughout your body, causing pimples as it goes along.

Genetics/family history. If you or someone in your family has had acne problems, there’s a good chance that’s hereditary too! But if everyone in your family has never had any problem with zits before, then it probably isn’t genetic at all! It could be something else entirely — like bad hygiene habits or genetics — that caused those strange-looking bumps all over their faces!

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Symptoms of pimples

The most common symptom of pimples is a bumpy red rash that appears on the face. It may be single or multiple, and they may be small or large in size. The redness will vary in intensity and texture depending on the type of pimple. The skin around the area can also become inflamed and tender, making it easier to pick at them.

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There are many different types of acne that can occur on the skin, including:

Whiteheads: These are small white bumps that look like tiny grains of sand on your skin. They usually cause no irritation or discomfort and will disappear within two to three days without treatment.

Blackheads: These are actually technically whiteheads but have a dark color because blackhead bacteria have entered through pores in the skin (usually during pimple formation). Blackheads are a sign that a deeper infection has occurred when whiteheads only appear as black dots on your skin surface.

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Papules: These are small red bumps that form near hair follicles or sebaceous glands in your pores. They usually occur along with other types of acne, but they tend to fade quickly without treatment.

Pustules: These are pus-filled blisters that form under the skin after an injury

Best Herbal Remedy For Pimples


1. Orange peels
2. Neem leaves


Grind equal amount of orange peels and neem leaves together to form a paste.


Apply on the affected area as mask, leave it on for 2-3hoirs before washing off. Repeat it daily for 2 weeks or until your face is clear and smooth.


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