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Home Remedy Diaper Rash

Home Remedy Diaper Rash




Home Remedy Diaper Rash:

Diaper rash is a very common skin condition that affects babies. It develops when your baby’s skin gets too dry and irritated by the moisture-wicking properties of the diaper material or diaper creams.

Diaper rash may occur as soon as several hours after your baby is born, but it’s usually most prominent in the first few days.

The most common cause of diaper rash is an imbalance between moisture retention (moisture) and evaporation (dryness). Baby’s skin is naturally oily, so when it’s exposed to air, sweat glands in the skin produce oil to keep it moisturized and prevent friction.

But when your baby wears cloth diapers or other absorbent products, this oil can get trapped against the skin, leading to irritation and redness if it stays there for too long without being absorbed back into the body (see below).

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I will share with you a home remedy for diaper rash in a moment. Before then, let us take a look at the symptoms and causes of diaper rashes.

Causes Of Diaper Rash

Diaper rash is a common condition that can be caused by many different factors. The most common cause of diaper rash is a change in your baby’s diet. Diaper rash is often linked to poor hygiene, which can be caused by your baby’s diet or the quality of the diapers you use. The following are some causes and symptoms of diaper rash:

Dietary Concerns

Your baby’s diet may have an effect on your baby’s rash. Babies who eat a poor diet and don’t get enough nutrients tend to have more diaper rashes than babies who eat well-balanced diets. Your doctor can help determine what you should feed your baby and how much of it he should be eating if you suspect he has a problem with diaper rash.

Poor Hygiene

Diaper rashes can be caused by poor hygiene or contamination from unclean laundry or diapers. If you suspect that your baby has diaper rash, make sure that his diaper area stays clean at all times and that he wears clean diapers every time he goes out in public. You should also wash any disposable cloth diapers immediately after use because they are not as absorbent as other types of cloth diapers and may contain bacteria that could cause diaper rash.

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Symptoms Of Diaper Rash

What are the symptoms of diaper rash?

A rash that appears on the buttocks, legs and feet.


Redness and blisters.



A rash that is itchy, red or scaly and appears on the face or chest.

Home Remedy Diaper Rash

It is not easy to cure diaper rash. You may have to go through some unpleasant symptoms and pain.

However, if you don’t want your baby to suffer from these problems then it is better that you use home remedies for baby diaper rash. Here are some of the best home remedies for baby diaper rash:

1. Apply Castor Oil on Redness

Home Remedy Diaper Rash

Castor oil can help in healing the redness caused by diaper rash. You can apply castor oil on the affected area and leave it overnight for better results. It will help soothe the irritated skin and get rid of the redness.

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2. Use Coconut Oil on Cracked Skin

Home Remedy Diaper Rash

Coconut oil has antibacterial properties that can help in healing cracked skin caused by diaper rash. All you need to do is apply coconut oil on cracked skin and leave it overnight for better results. The next day, rinse your baby’s skin with warm water and apply a moisturizer if needed.

3. Apply petroleum jelly on your baby’s bottom before bedtime every night.

Home Remedy Diaper Rash

This will keep the skin moist at all times and prevent diaper rash from occurring in the first place.

4. Use an ointment containing zinc oxide or hydrocortisone cream in place of petroleum jelly when needed if your baby has a severe case of diaper rash.

Home Remedy Diaper Rash

Zinc oxide or hydrocortisone creams contain anti-inflammatory properties that may help soothe redness and itching caused by diaper rash. You can also apply these creams on top of yogurt after washing your baby’s bottom with plain water or white vinegar solution.


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These remedies are all-natural and easy to follow, so why not give them a try? Please share this post and other posts with your friends and family, and let us know how these remedies worked for you in the comments below.

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