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Dry cracked hands home remedies – 5 Best Remedies

Dry cracked hands home remedies




Everyone loves home remedies. Their natural, inexpensive, and to most people, they’re a lot more effective than store bought creams. This is particularly true when it comes to dry cracked hands home remedies. Most of us have suffered at one time or another with this issue, be it from washing dishes or being out in the cold winter air.

Causes of Dry cracked hands

There are many potential causes of dry cracked hands, and one of the most common is simply exposure to extreme temperatures, either hot or cold. Frequently washing your hands with soap can also cause dryness, especially if the soap is alkaline and harsh on your skin. Dry cracked hands can also be caused by a variety of factors related to health conditions or an unhealthy lifestyle, including:

Frequent washing, which can strip away the oils that keep your skin moisturized. Try to use an oil-based cleanser instead of soap to wash your hands, and apply hand cream immediately after drying.

Another common cause is exposure to irritants in household and beauty products. This could include laundry soaps, hair dyes, and cleaning products. Look for products with “gentle” on the label, and wear gloves when using household cleaners.

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Certain medical conditions can cause dry cracked hands. Check with your physician if you’re concerned about this possibility.

Other causes include:

-acid reflux

-certain endocrine disorders

-excessive alcohol consumption

-malfunctioning thyroid gland

-nutritional deficiency

-vitiligo (a medical condition that causes white patches on the skin)

Symptoms of Dry cracked hands

One of the earliest signs that your hands are becoming dry is a feeling of tightness. This is a sign that the skin has lost its moisture and is starting to become inflexible.

A later sign, which can be more difficult to detect, is that your hands may start to feel itchy. This itchiness is caused by the skin drying out and cracks forming on the surface.

In severe cases, dry skin can cause your hands to crack or split. The cracks are often painful, especially if they are deep enough to bleed.



The most visible symptom of dry cracked hands is likely to be rough patches or flakes of dead skin peeling off. These flakes are usually white in color and are not necessarily smaller than normal bits of dandruff or flaky scalp skin. These white flakes also tend to occur in areas where you have been using your hands regularly, such as around the nail beds or knuckles. Generally speaking, the more severe the symptoms are, the more likely it is that you will have white flakes on your hands.

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Dry cracked hands home remedies

Unfortunately, hand sanitizer doesn’t help you get rid of dry skin, but there are plenty of ways to help your hands stay hydrated and healthy.

– Lemon juice

Dry cracked hands home remedies

Lemons can help exfoliate your hands and get rid of the dead skin cells. You can also mix lemon juice with olive oil for a moisturizing effect.

– Coconut Oil

Dry cracked hands home remedies

Coconut oil is the perfect remedy for healing dry, cracked hands. Apply coconut oil directly to your hands and massage it into your skin. If you have severe cracks or bleeding on your hands, apply coconut oil several times a day. Coconut oil is also great as a preventative measure; massage coconut oil into your hands once a week in the winter to avoid dry skin.

– Honey

Dry cracked hands home remedies

Honey is another excellent ingredient for soothing dry cracked skin on your hands. Just like coconut oil, you can apply honey directly to your hands and massage it into your skin. Honey will help moisturize and protect your skin from further damage. It can also be used as a preventative measure against dry skin if you apply it once a week during the winter months.

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– Olive oil

Dry cracked hands home remedies

Olive oil works great as a moisturizer too, especially when mixed with beeswax which helps seal in moisture from underneath your fingernails down through their tips (where there’s often more dryness). Try heating some up first so it melts before applying.

– Oatmeal Bath

Dry cracked hands home remedies

An oatmeal bath can be an excellent remedy for dry cracked hands because the natural acids in oats soften skin and relieve irritation caused by eczema or other skin conditions that may have led to you having dry cracked hands in the first place. Oats also have antioxidant properties that protect against damage caused by free radicals. To use this remedy, add two cups of oatmeal to a tub filled with warm water and


In this post, shared the symptoms of dry cracked hands, causes of dry cracked hands, home remedies for dried cracked hands , and dry cracked hands home remedies.

These remedies are all-natural and easy to follow, so why not give them a try? Please share this post and other posts with your friends and family, and let us know how these remedies worked for you in the comments below.

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