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Home remedies for keloid – Best 3

Home remedies for keloid




Home remedies for keloid: Keloid, the condition which is counted under the title of scars, is a type of overgrowth of protein on a cell. It has grown up in response to small injuries, and this is why it appears at all after you notice some skin injury. Touching your body or any object with jerky movements can damage some parts of your skin and cause keloid. If you have been suffering from keloid for years then it means something bad. But do not get nervous, there are many natural home remedies for keloid which will make your life easier in healing this skin problem.

Causes of keloid

What causes keloids?

Keloids are a type of scar. They form when the skin overreacts after an injury and keeps producing collagen, causing a raised, red scar. They may also itch or cause pain.

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There are many different theories as to why keloids form, but they all center around the same idea: the body’s ability to heal. Keloids develop when the body is healing following a cut or surgical wound, acne pimple, burn, or another injury. The response is so extreme that the healed skin grows far beyond the original wound. Doctors aren’t exactly sure why this happens.

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Home remedies for keloid

It could be due to genetics

Keloids may run in families, and it appears that people with darker skin are more likely to get them than people with lighter skin tones. This suggests that there may be a genetic component to keloid formation.

It could be due to hormones or stress

Because puberty and pregnancy can trigger keloid development, some researchers think hormones—specifical estrogen—may play a role in causing them. There is also evidence that stress plays a role in keloid development; cases have been reported following major life events such as divorce or death of a loved

Symptoms of keloid

Keloid symptoms include raised, reddish, swollen scars that can become itchy. The scarring is usually more pronounced than the original injury. Keloids are typically found on the upper back, shoulder, and chest areas and on the earlobe or helix (the outer rim of the ear). They may also occur on the face, neck, arms, legs, and scalp.

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Keloids are not cancerous and do not pose any serious health risks. However, they can be unsightly, itchy, and painful.

Keloids can vary in size and shape and tend to grow over time. They can occur at the site of minor skin injuries, including burns, acne, body piercings, cuts, and scrapes. Keloids can form anywhere on the body, but they’re most common on the shoulders, neck, chest, and earlobes.

Home remedies for keloid

Home remedies for keloid treatment include:

Lemon juice: Lemon juice is rich in citric acid, which helps to exfoliate the skin and promote healthy new cell growth. To use this home remedy for keloid scars, mix lemon juice with water or honey until you achieve a paste-like consistency. Apply it to your keloid for about half an hour twice daily.



Honey: Honey is another ingredient used as a home remedy to fade keloids. Its healing properties help to reduce redness and irritation by moisturizing the affected area. To use honey as a treatment for keloids, apply it directly to your scars—without mixing it with other ingredients—and leave it on your skin overnight before washing it off

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1. Aloe vera gel:

Home remedies for keloid

Aloe vera gel is a natural anti-inflammatory that reduces redness and swelling. Just rub the gel into your keloid twice per day.

2. Onion juice:

Home remedies for keloid

Onion juice has been shown to reduce inflammation and promote healing when applied topically to wounds. Just rub the juice from an onion onto your keloid once per day.

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3. Garlic paste:

Home remedies for keloid

Garlic has antibacterial properties, so you can use it to reduce infection and promote healing in your keloid by rubbing it directly onto the area gently twice per day.


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