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Tameawu Leaf – Health Benefits

Tameawu Leaf - Health Benefits




Tameawu Leaf
Miracle plant known in Ghana as Tameawu in Akan means (You Hate me You Die), is a beautiful plant that grows in tropical regions of the world. It has a beautiful green stem and leaves that are covered in a layer of fine white hairs.

The leaves have been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years as an anti-inflammatory, fever reducer and painkiller.

Tameawu English Name

The english name for Tameawu is Bryophyllum pinnatum , most Africans call it Miracle leaf or miracle plant because of the miraculous features it has. From where and how it grows to how it cure ailments.

Tameawu Leaf Health Benefits

Here are over 40 health benefits of tameawu leaf

●Tameawu Leaf For Kidney stones:

In case of kidney stones, give 40-50 ml decoction of whole plant twice a day. You can also give the decoction with 500 mg shilajit and 2 gm. of honey mixed in it. Give this twice a day, it cures bile stone easily.

●Tameawu Leaf For Urinary disorders:

Give 5 ml juice of its leaves to the patient suffering from thirst and any disorder related to urinary system. It is a very good and effective cure. In case of urine related disorder in men, give 40-60 ml of its decoction with 2 gm. honey mixed in it. Give this twice a day.

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●Tameawu Leaf For Boils:

Slightly warm its leaves and crush them. Tie it as poultice on the affected area. It cures boils,redness and swelling too.


●Tameawu Leaf For Hypertension:

Give 5-10 drops of the extract of its aerial parts. It is beneficial in controlling blood pressure.

●Tameawu Leaf For Cancer:

Give 5-10drops of the extract of its aerial part, twice a day. It is beneficial in blood cancer.

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●Tameawu Leaf For Vaginal disorders:

In case of vaginal flow in women, give 40-60 ml decoction with 2 gm. honey mixed in it. Give this twice a day.
Treats Headache: Crush its leaves and apply on the forehead. It cures headache.
Aids in Eye pain: Extract the juice of its leaves and apply all around the eyes. It cures pain in the white part of eyes.

●Tameawu Leaf For Treatment of Wounds:

Slightly warm the leaves and then crush them and tie on the wound. It helps the wound heal faster and also eliminates the scar.

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●Tameawu Leaf For Bleeding Diarrhea:

Give 3-6 gm. juice of its leaves with cumin seeds and double amount of ghee mixed in it. Give this to the patient thrice a day. It controls the blood flow in diarrhea.



●Tameawu Leaf For Managing leucorrhoea:

For women who suffer from leucorrhoea ailment, use the decoction of the leaves twice daily. It helps delay the flow of blood within the blood vessels.

●Tameawu Leaf For Treating Piles at Home:

Drink the extract of the leaves twice daily to get an effective cure for piles.

●Good for the liver:

Bryophyllum pinnatum promotes the health of the liver. You can cure jaundice fast.

●Tameawu Leaf For Treating Ear Pain:

Get a fast curefor your ear pain by applyingthe juice of the leaves.

●Tameawu Leaf For Boils:

Crush a few leaves and form a poultice. Apply this on the boils. You can use this on redness and swelling of the skin.
Helps heart health: It improves the health of the heart.

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●Tameawu Leaf For Colds and Coughs:

For common cold and coughs,the juice of the leaves along with sugar candy will help. This can help people suffering from asthma also.

●Relieves stomach ache:

If you have a stomach ache, you can get relief by having the decoction of the leaves.

●Tameawu Leaf For Diuretic Action:

You can cure urinary disorders with the juice of the Bryophyllum pinnatum leaf. This is good for curing excessive thirst. Drink a potion of 40-60 ml every day in the morning and evening.

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●Tameawu Leaf For Teething problems:

Babies who are cutting their first teeth will have relief from the pain.
Anthelmintic action: Bryophyllum pinnatum helps remove worms in the intestine effectively. Have the decoction of the leaves twice a day with honey.

●Antipyretic property:

If you have a fever, the miracle leaf will help relieve your symptoms.

●Corrects dysentery:

Have the leaf extract with honey to get relief from dysentery.
Helps with weight management: You can lose weight by using the Bryophyllum pinnatum leaves.

●Prevents grey hair:

Regular use of the miracle leaf will help prevent the greying of hair. It promotes the health of the scalp too.
Good anti-oxidant property: Make tea with the dried leaves and have it twice or thrice a day. This will help you fight free radicals better.

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●Helpful for diabetics:

Control your diabetes with the Bryophyllum pinnatum leaves.Have the decoction twice every day and see your blood sugar levels drop significantly.
Cures constipation:You can get relief from your constipation by having the tea made from the dried powder of the Bryophyllum pinnatum.

●Purifies blood:

Miracle leaf has a purifying action on the blood. It removes the toxins and helps improve your health.

●Juice For Chest Cold:

Warm 3 leaves and juice them. This should yield 2-3 tablespoon of leaf of life juice. Add a pinch of salt . Take one tablespoon three times a day for as long as needed.

Poultice for skin ulcer,sprains and insect stings: Grind 7 fresh leaves into a poultice.Apply the poultice evenly to the affected area. Apply a fresh poultice twice a day,morning and night, as oftenas needed.Pounded leaves are applied as poultices to the soles of the feet to stop hemorrhages.Leaves are used as topical in dislocation, ecchymoses, callosities.


It is widely used as an herbal remedy for many different types of ailments, especially bronchial conditions.An herbal tea made from this herb is useful to treat conditions such as shortness of breath, kidney failure, menstrual problems, asthma, coughs, bronchitis, as well as chest cold.Crushed medicinal leaves of this herb will bring relief from insect bites, bruises, boils,and also skin ulcers.Poultice of the crushed leaves can also be applied to the outer body for sprains, pains,as well earaches.

Placing the back of the leaves on open sores, cuts and wounds will promote healing, stops bleeding as well as prevents infection.Stem as well as the leaves can be placed in water and taken daily to rid the body of mucous and waste matter.Fresh leaves of leaf of life can also be eaten raw as a medicinal remedy for asthma,bronchitis and intestinal problems.
Leaf extract is taken on an empty stomach for treatment of urinary bladder stones and fever in children in Arunachal Pradesh.Cough medicine is made from the roots in Sierra Leon Heated leaves used for swellings and abscesses in Jamaica.

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It is used for rheumatoid arthritis, bruises,burns andulcers in China. In the KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa, leaves used in combination with Opuntia stricta and Euphorbia hypericifolia to treat gonorrhea.

■How to Make Tameawu Leaf Tea

To make an easy and quick cup of leaf of life tea: Bring one cup of water to boil then add 3 leaves of life leaves; let simmer for 3 minutes. Remove from heat and allow to sit for 2 to 3 minutes. Remove leaves from the tea, pour in cup and sweeten with 1 to 2 teaspoons of organic honey.If you are making more than one cup, increase serving size of boiling water and amount of leaves added.
Traditional medicinal uses

●It cures stones and purifies abdominal area.

●It is purgative and cures piles, pacifies tridosha, flatulence, dysuria, ulcers, and wounds and purifies blood.

●It is very famous medicine to cure kidney stones and similar other problems.

● is given for the treatment of a cough, asthma, cold with candy sugar.

●It is used against dysentery.

●The plant root is used to treat high blood pressure.

●It is also used to prevent any kind of cardiac problems.

● is used for the treatment of fever.

●Rhizome powdered is used for the treatment of constipation.

●The extract of Bryophyllum pinnatum is used for the treatment of roundworms (clotrimazol).

●The extract of the plant is used for the treatment of antipyretic activity.

●Using juice of this as ear drop heals the ear pain. Its natural remedy for ear pain.

●Root of this plant is believed to protect the liver and proved useful for the treatment of hepatitis.

●It is proved diuretic. So, it cures difficult urination.

●Because of its antioxidant property, the plant is used in the mixture of herbal green tea.

●It is used as one of home remedies for piles (Hemorrhoids).

●The leaf juice is used for the treatment of stomach ache.

●Extract is used for the nourishment of the hair and treating gray hair.

●Leaves are used against intestinal disorder.The paste is used against leucorrhoea.

●Fresh juice of Patharchur can be used to treat jaundice.


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