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Catarrh Home Remedy




Catarrh Home Remedy

Catarrh is an inflammatory condition that causes a thick, mucus-like discharge from the nose and throat. The most common cause of catarrh is allergies. Other causes include infections and disorders such as hay fever, sinusitis and bronchitis.

In this article I will share a simple catarrh home remedy that works like magic.

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Causes of catarrh

Catarrh is a common condition that affects the nose, throat and sinuses. The most common cause of catarrh is a viral infection. Other causes include:

Catarrh Home Remedy


Viral infections, such as influenza and rhinovirus (the cause of the common cold), can trigger catarrh. These are usually caused by viruses that affect only your nose and throat.

Dry air

If your airways become drier than usual, it can lead to congestion and post-nasal drip (a mucous discharge that causes fluid to drain down your throat). This may be caused by:

Poor diet

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A poor diet may mean you’re unable to fight off infection effectively. If you have another illness or condition that makes you cough more than usual, it could be fuelling your body’s immune response and causing inflammation in the airways.

Smoking cigarettes

Cigarette smoke contains carbon monoxide, which can block oxygen in the bloodstream and reduce lung function in people who smoke regularly. Over time this can contribute to long-term damage to lung tissue and increase risk of developing chronic obstructive pulmonary which can result in catarrh

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Symptoms of catarrh

Catarrh is a condition that causes mucus to build up in the nose, throat, and sinuses. Mucus buildup can cause a variety of symptoms.

Symptoms of catarrh include:

A runny or stuffy nose. Some people have a very runny nose; others have a dry, crusty nose. A runny nose is often associated with catarrh and may last for several days or weeks.

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Frequent sneezing or coughing. Catarrh causes mucus to accumulate in the airway and throat, which can lead to frequent sneezing or coughing.

A sore throat that won’t go away. Sore throats are one of the most common symptoms of catarrh. They’re typically accompanied by an ache in the back of your jaw and/or neck area, which may be accompanied by pain when swallowing saliva (chewing).

Sneezing that’s accompanied by a cough or sniffles. Sneezing alone doesn’t usually indicate catarrh — it can also happen without other symptoms as part of a cold — but if you’re experiencing both symptoms, they may indicate catarrh as well

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Catarrh home remedy


1. Honey
2. Lime juice
3. Scent leaves


Mix 15 tablespoons of honey with 15 tablespoons of lime juice.


Adult: take 2 tablespoons 3 times daily

Children: 1 tablespoon 3 times daily

While taking this remedy, squeeze scent leaves and drop the juice in your nostrils until the catarrh is cleared.

N/B: scent leaves juice burns so be careful


In this post, shared the symptoms of catarrh , causes of catarrh, catarrh home remedy, and home remedies for catarrh.

These remedies are all-natural and easy to follow, so why not give them a try? Please share this post and other posts with your friends and family, and let us know how these remedies worked for you in the comments below.

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